Friday, December 14, 2007

Tantric Exercise 17

Finding G-Spot

This exercise aims to help both women and men, but for simplicity 'you' refers to the female partner and 'he' or 'him' refers to the male partner. It's best if both partners read this page. Here's the technique:
Discuss beforehand with your partner what you're going to do.
Make sure your guy's nails are clean and trimmed short.
LOTS and LOTS of foreplay (minimum 30 minutes, preferably an hour).
Lie on your back and pull your knees up. It also helps to place a pillow or two under your hips.
Your partner lies between your legs. Ask him to gently place his fingers two or three inches inside your vagina.

He then makes a "come here" motion with his fingers.
His fingers are now on your G spot. He massages back and forth with his fingers, gently at first, then harder, eventually using lots of pressure.
That's it! With luck you'll reach your first orgasm within 3 to 5 minutes of hard massaging. It has to be hard - the clit needs a light touch, the G spot needs much heavier pressure.
The G spot itself feels like a very subtle bump 2 or 3 inches inside your vagina, about 1 to 2 inches in diameter. When he hits it right you'll know!The important things are foreplay, bringing your knees up to your chest, and hard pressure on your G spot. Hard pressure on the G spot is vital since it doesn't respond to light rubbing or stroking, only heavy, deep massaging.Foreplay builds your sexual excitement and fills your vaginal and clitoral areas with blood - the equivalent of a man getting an erection. Lots of foreplay makes any sexual touch much more pleasurable. If you go straight to G spot massage with no foreplay it won't work! Check our foreplay page for ideas.By the way, the G in G spot stands for Gräfenberg, after the German doctor who discovered it in the 1950s. Now you know.

Tantric Exercise 16

Pleasure spots

Men have only one splasure spot - penis.

But women have three different spots. Beyond this at different stages diffrent body parts like nipples, inside of thighs etc are pleasure spots. Pleasure spots and their intensity varies from women to women.

The three different spots which ne be stimulated to bring a women to orgasm are clitoris, vagina and G-spot.

Clitoris can be stimulated with sex toys, hands, tongues or penis.

Vagina can be stimulated with sex toys, fingers or penis.

G-spot can be stimulated with sex toys, tip of penis and fingers.

Among all three if applicable G-spot are the most enjoyable for women.

G-spot can be found by careful exploration.
The purported location of the G-spot has changed over time. Two primary methods have been used to attempt to locate it. The first is based on self-reported levels of arousal during stimulation and the second based on the claim that stimulation of the G-spot leads to female ejaculation.[2] One of the studies using self-reported levels of arousal was a case study with a single woman who claimed the experience of a “deeper” orgasm when her G-spot was stimulated. In the published study it was reported that stimulation of the anterior vaginal wall made the area grow by fifty percent.[3] Another study examined eleven women in an attempt to locate the spot under laboratory conditions. Researchers attempted to find the G-spot by “palpating the entire vagina in a clockwise fashion.” Using this technique the researchers reported discovering that four of the women had highly sensitive areas on the anterior vaginal wall

Tantric Exercise 15

Sex is devine. Having the same positions everytime you have sex is boring.

To advance in tantra it is essential that you keep same partner. The sex evolves in longterm partners into a trusted and spiritual relationship.

Learning, trust and love are really essential. Variety is like different lines in a poem. No line is same. There is no hard and fast rules.

Selecting the postions together is essential. Not all postions work with everybody.

Women needs more foreplay than men. So start with postions and techniques which gives more skin stimulation. Open discussions will reduce misconceptions. Discussions enables couples to explore each other.

Tantric Exercise 14

Male mutiple orgasm

Men can experience orgasm after orgasm without ejaculating. When ejaculates the energy is utilized and that prevents next arousal from forming until the energy is recollected.

The key for multiple orgasm is prolonging ejaculation.

One of the effective ways to prolong ejaculation is by moving energy from genitals to the brain. Orgasm is controlled by brain while ejaculation is controlled by muscles. Orgasm and ejaculation are two seperate body functions.

The waves of muscle contraction which causes ejaculation can be controlled by relaxation and breathing.

Needs practice and time.

Tantric Exercise 13

Multi Orgasmic Women

Stimulating the G-spot leads to multiple orgasm in some women.

Relaxation and stimulation are key to multiple orgasms. Relaxation for men and women means two different things. In both men and women the yearning for plesasure will be there even in relaxed state. In men the oxygen content in blood trapped in penis will decrease over time. Less oxygen in penis gives less sensation. Penis erects by trapping blood inside three organic tubes. After the erection the valve in this tube closes traping the blood inside the penis. To refresh the blood male has to get dearoused in frequent intervals and aroused again.

Here the women needs to find the best movements to keep in the highest orgasmic state.

As one orgasm fades relax and enjoy further stimulation.

Tantric Exercise 12

Extending male orgasm.

Orgasm and ejaculation are two different things. A male can have orgasm without ejaculation or ejaculation without orgasm.

Orgasm is generally known as the climax of sexual experience. Tantra helps in extending the time of orgasm.

Contractional phase of sexual experience is the time when man knows he is moving towards ejaculation. With practice it is easy to be aware whether the male is in contractional phase or not.

Once the contractional phase is entered either slow down, stop or withdraw.

Step 1: Ask partner to stimulate the male(stimulate penis by hand) until the contractional phase is detected. Once the male is aware that he is in contractual phase, ask female to stop.

Step 2: Male has to tighten the PC muscle at this time. PC muscle is the muscle between the two legs which males use to stop urinating. To sense PC muscle place finger between the anus and penis and imagine you are urinating. Now stop urinating. You will feel one muscle tightens. This is the PC muscle. There should not be any other muscle tightening in buttocks or hips. Relax for some time.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and 2 as long as you like. Male can practice this alone too.

In some males the testicles tightens and come close to the penis. This happens when ejaculation is nearing. This doesn't mean that male is in contractional phase. Relaxing the testicles by gently massaging the testicles and moving it away from penis will also helps in distancing ejaculation.

Tantric exercise 11

The easiest and rewarding are the sitting positions for some people.

Be gentle and slow with each other.

Try sitting on a chair or ground facing each other.
You may hold each other or lean back on hands. Try different combinations by extending one leg while sitting on ground.